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XMOR High Productivity Bucket In Coal

This PC2000 XMOR line High Productivity bucket (patent pending) built at Hardox Wearparts Tuscaloosa has been in operation at Heritage Coal & Nature in Pennsylvania for over 6 months. It has served for overburden in coal mining, where the material density is 1.65, yielding a throughput of 3 000 000 tons / year.

Productivity benefits

  • 5 passes (previous 7 passes) equals increase of 10-15 truck loads/day.
  • 25% larger volume than replaced bucket 15 m3 (12 m3).
  • 35 % lighter than replaced bucket 7.9 ton (12.7 ton).

Maintenance benefits

  • No hot works required as heels are mechanical fitted heels, meaning all service in the pit.
  • 1-2 h to change 16 heel blocks compared to 1-2 days for welded heel pads on replaced bucket.

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