Our history

  • In the late 80’s our former owner retired from a long career in mine maintenance.
  • As a retirement project, our former owner took what he had learned regarding wear applications and began hardfacing products out of his own back yard under the company name S&G.
  • In 1990 our former owner moved S&G into its first large shop and renamed the company Hard Wear.
  • As Hard Wear grew into a major producer of overlay products the old building was expanded multiple times as well.
  • After growing beyond capacity in the late 90’s plans were made to move to a larger more accommodating site.
  • In 1999 Hard Wear Company moved to its current location here on Energy Lane with approximately 40 employees.
  • Over the next 10 years Hard Wear increased its sales and capabilities while making (2) additional expansions to the Northport location.
  • In 2011 Hard Wear was purchased by SSAB, and renamed SSAB Wear Solutions.
  • With the addition of Overlay Plate, Pipe and Pin products to SSAB’s already impressive product line, we will go further than anyone to achieve our vision of a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world.
  • April 2021 – SSAB Wear Solutions acquires Astralloy.

ISO 9001 certification

  • SSAB Wear Solutions is ISO 9001 certified to take care of your steel requirements.


Where to find us

SSAB Wear Solutions

Sharon, PA

251 Wheeler Pl, Sharon, PA 16146

SSAB Wear Solutions

Tuscaloosa, AL

8915 Energy Lane, Northport, AL 35476